Online will-making services

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Ensure your loved ones are taken care of

For many, unfamiliarity with wills, trusts, and advance directives has withheld them from planning for the future or unforeseen so to speak. But estate planning tools and advice have become more convenient than ever through online will-making services. Making sure that your will is ready to go should be a top priority to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in case of death or the unexpected. When making a will or estate plan with an online legal services provider, we recommend focusing on these components: validity, cost, company reputation, and customer experience.


For an online will to be deemed legal, it must meet these minimum requirements: The testator, meaning the person writing their will or having it written for them, must be of sound mind when the will is created. The will requires the testator’s signature and date of issue, and it must be notarized. Subject to your state, the will must be signed by at least one or more witnesses.


Online will-making services have different pricing structures. Some charge fixed fees for particular services, while others may require a membership or subscription fee to allow future changes and updates to a will, trust, or estate plan.

Company Reputation

Make a point to cautiously evaluate the company’s reputation by researching online reviews, current news coverage, and any recent legal actions taken against the company.

Customer Experience

Finally, while an online will-making service cannot substitute for an attorney’s thorough advice, we suggest that interested parties look for companies that provide customer support online, over the phone, or through an mobile app.

If you want to learn more, created a thorough guide on best online will makers of 2021 to help readers determine whether opting for one of these services makes sense.

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