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Clearity Capital was founded based on the belief that investors deserve transparent, simple, understandable and low-cost investment management and financial planning. Initially operating under a different business name, we started out in 2014 offering financial services to anyone who needed it. We eventually added employer-sponsored retirement plans to our available services.

After a few years of modest growth, we came across the Hersch Financial Group. Lucky for us, its founder, Glenn Hersch, was getting ready to retire and was looking for someone to take over. We discovered that we shared the same values and business approach that placed clients’ interest first in everything we do. So, we decided to merge. After working together for a couple of years, our merger became final in January 2021, after which Glenn has continued to lend his expertise to Clearity Capital as an unlicensed assistant.

Today we continue to offer flexible, friendly investment and advisory services with a focus on transparency and low cost. Many of our clients are our friends and neighbors.  We continue to have a specialized interest in group retirement plans with the same primary focus on the interests of plan sponsors and participants.

Clearity Capital is affiliated with the Coastal Virginia Wealth Group and is a  representative of LPL Financial LLC.


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Our Approach

We at Clearity Capital believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works equally well for everyone. 

We therefore offer a flexible service model that can be customized to suit your specific needs and allows you to pay no more than necessary for financial services.


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Products & Services


Investment Management

Investment management is an important part of any financial plan. We at Clearity Capital can help you select and monitor your investments, or if you prefer, we'll do it for you, We're always transparent about the commissions and fees you pay. We’ll explain all your direct and indirect expenses...

Financial Planning

For many investors, a focused financial plan is an integral part of sound investment management and should guide investment decisions. We’ll evaluate your unique situation and can help with the following (and more): Asset allocation and portfolio management Risk assessment Income distribution and...

Employer-sponsored Plans

The retirement plan business is tightly regulated, requires specialized expertise, and requires you as a plan sponsor to comply with complex requirements to carry out your fiduciary responsibilities as a prudent expert. Federal retirement laws impose potentially serious consequences for plan...

Our Team

Louis DeCuir

President and Wealth Manager
Louis DeCuir is the founder of Clearity Capital. He specializes in investment management, advisory services, comprehensive financial planning, and...

Glenn Hersch

President Emeritus
Glenn Hersch was the founder and President of Hersch Financial Group until its merger with Clearity Capital, and is the President Emeritus of the...



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