Investment Management

At Clearity Capital, we are transparent about the commissions and fees you pay. We’ll explain all of your direct and indirect expenses before you invest, including the ones that are buried somewhere deep in a prospectus or advisory agreement.

For some, commission-based investments might truly be the most cost-effective way to invest. Don’t let “fee-only” financial advisors tell you otherwise. Depending on asset size, your up-front commissions could be as low as 0%. 

If so, we’ll still provide you with sound asset allocation guidance and low cost, tax-efficient and tax-advantaged investments. We’ll help you determine if you’re on track to meet your financial goals and provide you with value-added financial services such as retirement income forecasting, income distribution guidance, and tax loss harvesting. We’ll still act solely in your best interest.

For investors who prefer fee-based investment management, we believe in keeping our fees low.

In today’s financial services industry, the average asset-based investment advisory fee is 0.95% and varies depending on the size of assets under management. For investments of a million dollars in 2020, the average fee paid by investors is 1.02%.

This means that an average one-million-dollar investor is paying $10,200 dollars per year for investment management and financial planning. That’s whopping sum of money, so it’s worth asking what it buys you. 

Typically, this includes services such as risk assessment, asset allocation, basic tax recommendations, income distribution planning, basic estate planning, behavioral finance coaching, and “holistic financial planning.”

We at Clearity Capital believe that industry average fees are too high – and that we can provide equal or better services for less cost than our competitors. We can do it because we keep our overhead low and we require lower per-investor profit margins.

In an industry characterized by the same generic level of fees and services, we believe that each investor is unique and requires different levels of service. We’ll therefore design a custom service model at a cost that meets your specific needs – with flexible and low fees.

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Investment management