We at Clearity Capital believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works equally well for everyone. 

We therefore offer a flexible service model that can be customized to suit your specific needs and allows you to pay no more than necessary for financial services.

Do you want to pay an hourly, monthly, quarterly or annual fee for the only the services you really need – rather than a percentage of your assets under management? Clearity Capital can do that for you.

Would you rather pay commissions on a sliding scale depending on asset size, with commissions as low as 0%? No problem.

Do you prefer to have a fee-based account with detailed ongoing portfolio management, investment oversight, and financial planning? Like most advisors, we can do that too. 

Are you a benefits manager who’s responsible for your company’s retirement or executive bonus plan? We’ll deliver the specific services you need at a reasonable cost.

We also have no investment minimums except those of the fund companies and investment partners we work with, which in many cases are nominal.

At Clearity Capital, you, the client, are in charge. We’re completely transparent about expenses and will help you decide on a service model that works best for you based on your own unique circumstances. You pay only for what you truly need, and no more. Your money is important no matter how much you invest or which service model you prefer, and we’ll help you manage it wisely.