Social Wellness: Why is it Important?

Louis DeCuir |

What exactly is social wellness? Social wellness refers to the relationships you have and how you interact with others. It involves building and maintaining positive, supportive relationships and fostering meaningful connections. 

If you prioritize becoming socially well, you may enjoy numerous benefits such as less stress, a more robust immune system, and a healthy heart and endocrine system. Here's how social wellness relates to financial planning and what you can do to improve it:

Social Wellness and Financial Planning. Studies indicate that people with supportive, healthy relationships live longer than those who lack them. Therefore, if you are socially well, you may want to plan for longer life and save more for retirement to help ensure you don’t run out of retirement savings. 

If you are behind on saving for retirement or have not saved as much as you planned, it may be time to change your budget and lifestyle to ramp up your 401(k), Roth IRA, or other retirement account contributions. Your financial professional can help you design a retirement savings plan that aligns with your anticipated lifespan. 

How to Improve Social Wellness. There are many ways you can improve your social wellness, including:

Connecting with Others- Look for ways to get involved with other people. Some ideas include joining a fitness center, starting a book club, or participating in community events. By connecting with others, you can develop stronger relationships with your family, friends, and others. 

Practice Self Care- While you care for the people in your life, don’t forget to care for yourself! Engage in regular physical activity, eat healthy, keep stress levels to a minimum, and participate in hobbies you enjoy. You’ll find it easier to support others when you are in a good place physically and emotionally. 

Show Appreciation- Let the people in your life know just how much they mean to you. Simple appreciation texts, cards with meaningful messages, small gifts, and other friendly gestures can do wonders for your relationships. 

End Toxic Relationships

If you notice that you’re in a relationship that stresses you out or takes all your energy, it may be unhealthy for you. Permit yourself to end it so you can focus on developing relationships with those who bring you happiness and comfort instead. 

Consult Your Financial Professional

If you are socially well and want to take steps to ensure you save enough for long life, consult a financial professional for help.